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The Differences Between Metal Carports and Aluminum Carports

The Differences Between Metal Carports and Aluminum Carports

If your home doesn’t have a garage, or if you prefer to use your garage for other purposes, adding a carport garage to your home will provide your vehicles with some shelter from the elements. Although you can have a carport built out of almost any material, there are two major types of carports:  metal carports for their combination of strength and durability; and aluminum carports for their maintenance-free benefit. Aluminum and metal or steel are the most common materials used in garage carports, but Florida homeowners will usually be better off looking for an aluminum carport.  We’ve broken down the requirements in 4 segments.

Maintenance Requirements
Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust, making it a low-maintenance option for a carport. Even after standing up to the winds and rains of Florida, an aluminum carport will look as good as it did the day it was installed. At most, aluminum carports may develop a powdery residue over a few decades, but this generally happens in only the most extreme cases.

Metal carports, on the other hand, require special coatings to protect the metal from rusting. This coating on steel carports can easily scratch from tree branches in the wind, stray golf balls, or overzealous pets. Scratched areas become vulnerable to rust, and over time the rust can spread through the rest of the carport. With the frequent rains experienced by much of Florida, rust is a real concern for a steel carport; watching for and repairing scratches in a steel carport is a regular chore that isn’t necessary with an aluminum carport.

Strength Differences
Per volume, aluminum weighs a third as much as steel and is about half as strong. This may make a difference for things like cars and buildings, but for most homeowners, aluminum is plenty strong enough for a long-lasting aluminum carport. The added strength of steel is only necessary in climates that regularly experience heavy snows; steel isn’t necessary for most Florida homeowners.

Metal carports will hold up better to dents and dings than aluminum, but it’s less durable in wet weather than aluminum. Without its galvanized coating, a steel carport will begin to rust quickly in Florida’s rainy weather. Additionally, saltwater will eat through even coated steel with gusto. If you don’t want to spend all day checking your coating for scratches, or if your carport is ever likely to be exposed to even misted saltwater, aluminum will last much longer for most Florida homeowners.

Cost Considerations
On average, steel is cheaper than aluminum. Since the cost of raw materials is a major factor in determining the final cost of your carport, steel carports will often be cheaper to install than  aluminum carports. However, with the decreased lifespan of a steel carport, you may end up paying for multiple metal carports because of rust and other corrosion. An aluminum carport may be more expensive up front, but it’s still the better choice; you won’t need to replace it after a few years as you would with a steel carport.

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Choosing the Right Contractor to Build an Aluminum Carport

Choosing the Right Contractor to Build an Aluminum Carport

It might seem like a simple aluminum carport, but installing a residential carport requires engineering and building expertise. If you’re planning covered parking around your business, you want a contractor with proven commercial aluminum carport construction experience. Regardless of the job’s size, it’s a permanent property investment; therefore, you want to be sure that you’re choosing the right contractor to build your aluminum carport.

Search, Review and Ask

Online search engines make it easy to look for the right aluminum carport contractor, but the results can seem overwhelming. Not every business that offers metal carports actually builds them, so weed out companies that sell kits instead of real construction services. Visit consumer review sites for evaluations in your area, and ask neighbors, family members or business associates about their experiences. If you’ve worked with a trusted general contractor in the past, ask for a recommendation. Building pros don’t mind sharing references, and they’re a great source for information about contractors who specialize in carport construction.

Pay a Virtual Visit

Before making a final decision, visit a prospective carport builder’s website, and look for details about the company’s experience as well as insurance and licensing information and membership in trade organizations. A business that’s proud of its work will showcase different jobs with an online gallery of successful projects. Look for aluminum carports that include full and semi-cantilever systems, T-frames and single slope post-and-purlin construction. Does the company offer covered walkways? What kind of warranties can you count on? If the contractor’s website answers most of your questions, it’s time to make the call.

Expect the Extras

A successful aluminum carport construction company offers professional design services and recommends different carport styles that complement your property. Expect an on-site visit that includes a discussion of your carport layout, foundation concerns and the best materials for the job. The contractor provides comprehensive pre-planning and handles all fabrications and installations. A reputable company works up a fair quote, puts it in writing and gives you a realistic timetable for construction. The best carport contractor offers professional expertise that covers everything from installing storage options to navigating building codes.

We understand that you have choices, so we’re always happy to answer your questions and provide free on-site consultations. As central Florida’s leading carport builders, Dulando Screen & Awning offers a complete array of services backed by more than 45 years of experience. Whether you need residential or commercial carport contractor, give us a call, and let us earn your business with the best customer care in the state.

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