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Differences Between Metal Awnings vs. Aluminum Awnings

Differences Between Metal Awnings vs. Aluminum Awnings

If you’ve ever fumbled for your keys in front of an unprotected door in a heavy downpour or had to go back inside from your patio by unrelenting sunbeams, then you understand the value of an awning or patio cover. These simple structures are an effective way to shield people and spaces from both rain and the strong Florida sun. Most non-fabric awnings are made of two types of materials: aluminum, steel. Here in central Florida, the two most common are aluminum and metal. Steel awnings are available, but their popularity is not as strong in central Florida. The terms steel and metal awnings have become interchangeable, but they are different. Let’s look at the differences between metal awnings and aluminum awnings.

Differences Between Metal Awnings and Aluminum Awnings

Even though aluminum is a metal, it has unique qualities that set it apart from the other metals used for awnings. One of the main factors in an aluminum awning is the weight. Aluminum is among the lightest metals in the world. That means an aluminum awning will weigh substantially less than a comparable metal one that’s crafted from steel. As a result, an aluminum awning is easier to handle and install than a steel or metal awning. In fact, aluminum awnings can be successfully mounted to almost any exterior material.

Many metal and steel awnings rust, which can present a major problem in Florida’s humid climate. Aluminum doesn’t. While some mild corrosion can occur, that surface change doesn’t weaken the material. Instead, it forms a protective layer that safeguards the material beneath it. As a result, an aluminum awning can provide years of service while requiring little maintenance. What about metal awnings? If you want a steel awning, rust could be a serious hazard. Although treatments like electrostatic painting and powder-coating provide protection from rust, intrusion can occur through chips on these protective layers. The fact is these treatments are no match for aluminum’s inherently corrosion-resistant qualities.  Many Floridians opt for aluminum awnings because of the benefits over steel/metal awnings.

The right finish enhances the look of aluminum or metal and offers some protection from rust, corrosion or discoloration. Aluminum accepts finishes well, so the hardest part of selecting an awning may be choosing your favorite finish. Various finishes are also available for metal. Whichever type of awning you choose, you’ll need to keep an eye on the finish and maintain it as needed.

Curb appeal is always a concern for property owners, so appearances matter when selecting an awning. Normally, the biggest difference in these two types of awnings are either a more modern flare or more traditional. Thanks to their popularity, you’ll find many styles and types of aluminum awnings to choose from. Whether you’re looking for aluminum patio awnings with cutting-edge flare or toppers for doors and windows with neat, tidy lines, you’ll be able to find something appealing. However, some feel that aluminum has a distinctly modern aura. If you agree with that assessment and are seeking a historic feel, you may prefer a metal awning.

A quality metal awning can provide years of faithful service, and its heavier construction may allow it to outlast its aluminum peers. However, that comes at a cost. Generally, metals fluctuate in price and availability.  Aluminum awnings are usually more affordable than metal ones. Typically, when a homeowner is deciding between aluminum or metal awnings, the cost is not one of the factors. It’s usually the other differences stated above. However, if the cost is a factor, then an aluminum awning is an excellent investment that can deliver great value for years.

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Building a Patio Aluminum Awning to Enhance your Backyard or Deck

The right awning will enhance the look of your home, increase your outdoor living space, and help you stay cooler and more comfortable. At Dulando Screen & Awning, we offer custom-built awnings and patio awnings crafted from high-quality aluminum. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to request a free in-home design consultation.

How Will You Use Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels?

How Will You Use Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels?

Structall Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels are the perfect building material for patio coverings and other outdoor living projects. How will you use aluminum Snap-N-Lock insulated panels to improve the outdoor living space at your commercial or residential property? There are several smart ways.

Numerous Benefits
Designed by Structall Building System, Snap-N-Lock Panels wrap an energy-efficient foam core in a rolled aluminum skin. Snap-N-Lock Panels feature a patented joint design that simply snaps together to create a waterproof bond, and the panels go together quickly and smoothly. Available in thicknesses ranging from 2 inches to 8 inches and in lengths up to 32 feet, they are the perfect choice for a wide array of applications. Why are these clever aluminum roof panels such a popular choice among both patio contractors and consumers? It’s because of Structall’s unique design and a variety of applications. Structall’s panels:

  • Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels are designed to be energy efficient, so you enjoy more comfort and lower energy bills.
  • Structall created a variety of weather-resistant, low-maintenance finishes.
  • Can be used with their existing finish or topped off with shingles or vinyl siding.
  • Accommodate special features like skylights and fans easily.
  • Eliminate condensation issues while creating a waterproof seal.
  • Allow a variety of roof pitches and floor plans to be achieved.
  • Aluminum is surprisingly affordable and easy to install, which can reduce labor costs.
  • Feature sealant that is applied inside the panel, reducing ultraviolet destruction.
  • Structall Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels can withstand high wind loads when installed properly.
  • Structall undergoes thorough quality checks so that you can use them with confidence.

Endless Possibilities
Are you interested in expanding your living space by adding a sunroom? Do you want to transform your patio into a shady escape by installing a patio cover? Would you like to beat the heat by putting in an aluminum carport that will shield your vehicle from the steamy Florida sun? If the idea of any of these projects is on your list, then you will definitely want to take a closer look at these versatile panels from Structall. They are the ideal choice for an amazing assortment of projects, including:

Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels create a bright, polished look that blends beautifully with any type of building style or structure. Structall Building System also produces structural posts and beams, so it is easy to make the project that you’ve been imagining into a reality.

Serving commercial and residential customers in and around the Orlando, FL, area since 1968, Dulando Screen & Awning delights in completing projects of all sizes and scopes. We combine quality materials from trusted suppliers like Structall and Phifer with excellent workmanship, extensive design and product knowledge, expert installations services, and friendly customer service to create structures that will truly enhance your outdoor spaces. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to discuss your ideas with one of our expert designers and request your free estimate.


Types of Patio Covers for your Backyard

Types of Patio Covers for your Backyard

What makes a covered patio a marvelous addition to your backyard landscape? These handy structures offer a shady space to escape from the steamy Florida sun while relaxing alone, entertaining friends or grilling up a tasty meal. With so many different patio covers to choose from, it’s easy to find a style and size that’s perfect for your patio and enhance your backyard.

Aluminum Awnings

When it comes to providing shade, aluminum awnings are porch and patio covers that get the job done. Structall Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels are highly efficient and relatively inexpensive. These durable awnings shield you and your space from the elements, extending the amount of time when your patio is a comfortable refuge. Aluminum awnings last for years and require little in the way of maintenance. As a side bonus, homeowners don’t have to waste time worrying about issues with burning or insect damage. A custom-built aluminum awning can be designed to shelter practically any size space, and the clean, attractive appearance of this type of patio roof is sure to enhance a home’s curb appeal.

Alumawood Pergolas From Structall

With their classic lines and incredible flexibility, pergolas are a favorite type of patio cover that adds warmth and elegance to any landscape. Traditionally, pergolas were made of wood, and the upkeep required to keep them in good repair was quite a commitment.

Today, homeowners can have both the look they love and the convenience of minimal maintenance with Structall’s Alumawood Shade Structures. Combining the benefits of wood and aluminum, Alumawood offers the look and feel of wood thanks to an embossed surface and the ease of care of aluminum. These pergolas will not warp, rot or crack, and owners never need to stress about painting or termites. Alumawood is available in seven designer colors and are finished with a high-quality paint that won’t chip or peel. Homeowners also have their choice of various beam and rafter end cuts. Additional options include recessed lighting and a patented gutter guard system.

Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels From Structall

Another smart innovation from Structall is Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels. These are perfect for a patio roof. The patio roof is created with a metal skin over a foam core and a patented joint system. These panels deliver impressive strength and offer superior energy efficiency, helping to keep the area they shelter significantly cooler. In fact, studies have shown that structures built using Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels can result in an up to 58 percent reduction in heating and cooling costs. The insulation hidden inside these panels can also muffle noises, so the sound of heavy rain or hail hitting the patio cover is less intrusive.

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Capable of accommodating a broad range of floor plans, Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels allow you to personalize a roof for your patio with ease. They will support unique options like a ceiling fan or skylight, and they can be used with their existing finish or topped with shingles or vinyl siding. If you decide to build a patio cover using Insulated Panels, then we can also go the extra step and provide a screen enclosure to really protect you against the Florida elements.

Are you ready to install a patio cover at your central Florida property? Let the experts at Dulando Screen and Awning help you select the ideal option for your home. Our team of talented designers, skilled fabricators and experienced installers delights in delivering the best for our customers. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to schedule a free in-home design consultation.Save


Choosing the Right Patio Cover For Your Home

Choosing the Right Patio Cover For Your Home

When you close your eyes, you can picture it. You’ve got it made in the shade, relaxing in your backyard, hopefully on your covered patio with an icy drink in your hand, a warm breeze dancing across your skin and the beauty of the outdoors all around you. All you need to make your vision a reality is the… patio cover.

Which kind of patio cover is best for your home?

For homeowners who want a roof for their patio, there are several varieties of a Snap-N-Lock patio cover to choose from. We’ve outlined a few worth considering and outlined their pros and cons.

Aluminum Awnings

Pros: When it comes to patio and porch covers, aluminum awnings are a popular choice. They’re affordable, attractive, last for years and can be customized to fit practically any space. Unlike wooden structures, they aren’t vulnerable to termites or fires.

Cons: While they do provide an impressive amount of shade, traditional aluminum awnings are not insulated so they are not the most energy-efficient.  Aluminum awnings aren’t able to keep the spaces they shelter quite as cool as some other options.

Alumawood Pergolas

Pros: The graceful lines and classic style of pergolas lend them a timeless appeal that looks amazing when nestled alongside your home or standing independently in your yard.  Choosing an aluminum pergola that is made from Structall’s revolutionary Alumawood allows you to enjoy the beauty of wood without the traditional drawbacks. Meticulously crafted, aluminum pergolas offer the look and feel of wood with embossed surfaces that mimic the grain of natural wood. In this case, appearances are delightfully deceiving because the material is aluminum, so there’s no need to worry about fire, destructive insects or warping, cracking or rot.

Homeowners can choose from several colors and multiple end cuts for beams and rafters, and there are even options for lighting and guttering. Best of all, minimal maintenance is required to keep these durable patio covers looking fantastic.

Cons: Pergolas traditionally have ceilings that resemble latticework, and the resulting openness allows sunlight and rain to penetrate the roof. As a result, the area under cover is more vulnerable to the elements than it would be if the roof were solid.  Pergolas are a great addition to a backyard, but they don’t replace a patio cover.

Structall’s Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels

A Structall Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels can be used to create aluminum awnings, porch covers and front patio covers.

Pros: Why does it matter if a patio roof is insulated? An insulated roof does a better job of shielding the space below from the intense rays of the Florida sun, keeping the area cooler and more comfortable. It also helps muffle sound, so a sudden burst of rain or hail is less likely to disturb anyone sheltering beneath it.

Structall’s Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels have a foam core wrapped in a metal skin and connect via a patented joint system for a strong durable construction that takes little effort to maintain. They come prefinished, but they can be topped with shingles or vinyl siding if a different look is desired, and they easily accommodate special features like lighting, ceiling fans or skylights.

Cons: A high-quality material, Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels come with an initial price tag that’s a bit higher than some other options.

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Dulando Screen and Awning proudly serves Orlando, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and the surrounding areas.  We thrive on helping transform backyard dreams into reality. To discover more about the possibilities for patio covers or request a free estimate, contact us today at 407-862-6060. or fill out our online form for a free design consultation.

Aluminum Awnings vs. Canvas Awnings

Aluminum Awnings vs. Canvas Awnings

Adding an awning to your home is a good way to protect your home’s doors and windows while adding an attractive accent piece. In addition, outdoor awnings provide constant shade from the heat of the sun, an urgent necessity for any Florida home. Aluminum awnings are a common choice, but you might be considering fabric or canvas awnings as well. Before you make your choice, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both types of awnings. Although all awnings will provide functional shade, you need to consider the cost, durability and maintenance differences between fabric and aluminum before adding an awning to your home.

Aluminum patio awnings are built to last for years, especially when cared for properly. Unlike the fabric material used for canvas awnings, aluminum will not tear or shred except in extreme weather. The elements are common foes for canvas awnings; when water accumulates, mold may grow and cause unsightly stains. Wind storms and other weather events can also impact the longevity of a fabric awning. Over time, damage from the weather may require the homeowner to replace the fabric of the awning.

Aluminum Awnings generally cost less than fabric awnings. Due to the longevity of aluminum, the awnings are expected to survive for many years, making them a sound financial investment. No matter which awning you install, however, you can expect some benefit on your cooling costs during the summer. These  savings on your utility bills can help defray the costs of installing your awnings.

Maintenance Considerations
Although all choices for your home and deck awnings require some maintenance, aluminum requires the least repair work. Precipitation does not accumulate on aluminum patio awnings and debris is easy to remove by hosing the awning with water or sweeping it with a broom. Issues with fabric awnings, such as a hole, may require the entire fabric to be replaced. Having to replace the fabric repeatedly can make fabric awnings a hassle. Not to mention the eye sore it becomes until it can be replaced.

Withstanding Stormy Weather
An aluminum awning is strong enough to withstand most storm and wind damage, an important consideration when selecting a patio awning for any Florida home. Fabric awnings are not strong enough to take the brunt of a major storm and must be removed prior to a storm’s arrival to prevent irreparable damage.  You may not be home to think about it if a storm hits in the summer afternoons.

Style Choices
Fabric awnings do provide a wide range of style options; you can choose between many different colors and prints for your awning. However, selecting a custom color can add to the final costs of your awning package. Aluminum does not have as many color options, but it’s not hard to find a color that will match your home’s exterior. In addition, aluminum awnings offer a clean and classic look that can blend in well with a variety of home styles.

If you need more help in your search for the ideal awning for your home, contact Dulando Screen and Awning, Inc today at 407-862-6060. We are located in Orlando and New Smyrna Beach and can help you figure out the best option for your home and lifestyle.

5 Reasons Aluminum Patio Awnings Are a Smart Choice

5 Reasons Aluminum Patio Awnings Are a Smart Choice

Looking for ways to enjoy the backyard year-round that is also functional and stylish? Consider custom aluminum patio awnings as an option when looking for a solution for a patio cover. There are many types of awnings you can choose for your patio, but permanent aluminum awnings will give you the best option for the price.

Here are five reasons aluminum patio awnings are a great idea for your home:

  1. Outdoor Shade Opportunities
    Florida heat can be relentless, and any possibility of relief is a must-have. Aluminum patio awnings provide shade and protection from the sun’s UV rays. Depending on the size and location, aluminum patio awnings give you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors more during the summer months.
  1. Budget-Friendly = Saving Money
    Another benefit is the cost savings involved with window and patio aluminum awnings. The shade provided by aluminum patio covers substantially reduce the energy needed to cool the interior of your home. This reduction results in less electricity used and hence a lower power bill! Talk about a win-win! Additionally, aluminum awnings tend to cost less than canvas awnings.
  1. A Host of Styles & Variety
    Aluminum patio awnings are available in a variety of styles for any home construction. The only limitation is your imagination. If you already have a patio in the backyard, we can simply add a custom aluminum awning. If not, then decide on your location and size of where you want your patio awning and let Dulando handle the rest!
  2. Ease of Maintenance
    Aluminum awnings are easy to maintain due to the type of metal and paint used during installation. Aluminum requires a quick wash just a few times per year and the protective paint ensures there will be no rust issues for years to come.
  3. Extend Your Outdoor Living Space
    Lastly, porch awnings let you extend your home’s outside space so you can entertain and enjoy more of your porch/patio area. The combination of shade and relief from the sun’s rays allows you to spend more time outdoors with friends and family.

If you’ve been considering aluminum patio awnings for your backyard, we hope this article has been helpful.  Call Dulando Screen and Awning, Inc. to schedule an appointment. Our team will come to your home to discuss the different options and provide a free estimate.  Relief from the Florida sun is only a few clicks away. Call us 407-862-6060 or fill out our online form to receive a free estimate!