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Sunroom Maintenance: Easy Tips to Keep Your Sunroom Brand New

Sunroom Maintenance: Easy Tips to Keep Your Sunroom Brand New

Your new sunroom has quickly become your happy place. How can you keep it looking fresh year after year? We also understand you don’t want to cut too deeply into the time that you get to spend enjoying this space. Therefore, performing a little sunroom maintenance on a regular basis will do the trick. These tips will help.

Tip 1: Be Gentle
Sunrooms are made of a mix of materials, and some are more durable than others. However, a gentle approach is always best. Avoid using a power washer or other harsh tools that might scratch finishes or tear materials. Instead, choose nonabrasive cleansers for your sunroom cleaning. Glass cleansers or warm water and mild detergents are generally safe. You can also check your manufacturer’s recommendations for your type of windows or screens for specific guidance.

Tip 2: Avoid Weighty Matters
Don’t put weight on your sunroom’s screened walls. Likewise, windows made of glass or Florida glass aren’t designed to bear weight from a ladder or a person. What about your sunroom’s roof? Most sunroom roofs aren’t built to withstand a lot of weight. Unless you’re sure that your structure can handle it, it’s best to avoid walking on the roof of your sunroom. A good pressure cleaning will take care of the roof without having to walk on it.

Tip 3: Keep Your Gutters Going
While you’re cleaning the roof, don’t forget about the gutters. The gutters on your house are angled slightly to move the water toward your downspouts. Depending on your roof slope, some gutters may angle down while others are level. That means standing water can hang around. This can set the stage for various unpleasantries that you don’t want lingering near your sunroom. Cleaning your gutters regularly removes any debris or standing water and eliminates the worry.

Tip 4: Choose a Cloudy Day for Cleaning Sunroom Windows
Florida may be famous for its sunshine, but cloudy skies are the best when you want to clean vinyl sunroom windows. Completing sunroom maintenance on a grayer day helps you avoid glare, making it easier to see. It also means that your cleaning solution doesn’t dry quite as quickly. This can help you avoid ugly streaks that would tarnish your view.

Tip 5: Mind Your Landscaping
Sunrooms blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. However, you’ll still want to trim and maintain the landscaping that surrounds your sunroom. If you don’t, branches from trees and bushes can cause scratches and tears. Leaves and debris can clog gutters. Pollen can stain. It’s best to trim the bushes and trees around and above the sunroom.

Tip 6: Consider Window Treatments
Is too much sun causing premature fading of the finishes and fixtures inside your sunroom? Window treatments may offer a solution. Blinds or curtains allow you to control how much sunshine reaches the space.  An added benefit of windows treatments is they also offer greater privacy.

Tip 7: Check for Leaks
Your sunroom maintenance routine is the perfect time to check for leaks. Water damage is always easier and less expensive to fix when found earlier in the damage process. Look for water spots in the ceiling or discoloration in the windows and screens.

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Are you ready to enhance your outdoor living space with a custom sunroom or Florida room? Turn to the experts at Dulando Screen & Awning. We’d be delighted to work with you to build the perfect enclosure for your home. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to schedule a free in-home design consultation.

Top 5 Tips When Building a Florida Room or Sunroom

Top 5 Tips When Building a Florida Room or Sunroom

You know the benefits of building a Florida Room, but do you have a clear understanding of how to get started?  Dulando Screen & Awning has been a high-quality custom sunroom builder in Florida for more than five decades.  We’re happy to share our insight. Here are the top tips that you’ll want to keep in mind when building a Florida Room or sunroom and hiring a sunroom contractor.

Building a Sunroom Involves:

1. Meet with your contractor to get an accurate estimate.
When investigating Florida sunroom costs, don’t settle for an estimate given over the phone. To provide an accurate estimate, a reputable contractor will want to meet with you, discuss your options, review materials and measure the space. If a contractor doesn’t require at in-home consultation before providing an estimate, then you’ll probably find yourself receiving a low-quality sunroom, a higher-than-expected bill or both.

2. Check your foundation.
When building a Florida room, contractors can often incorporate an existing porch, patio or deck if the structure is up to code. A reputable contractor will review your options with you and factor the cost of any improvements required into your estimate. Likewise, if you don’t have a suitable porch, patio or deck, they’ll include the cost of constructing the appropriate foundation in your estimate.  If you have flexibility in where you can place your sunroom, you might want to read out post “Things to Consider When Adding a Sunroom”

3. Remember that building materials matter.
Price and value are not the same. Cheaper materials may keep the price tag for a patio sunroom addition low, but quality materials will often offer benefits that make them a better value in the long term. For example, when building a Florida room that is not under the existing roofline of the house, a roofing option is to use Structall Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels. While they might make the initial cost of a Florida sunroom a bit higher, they far outweigh the cost because they:

  • Make it easy to get the look you want. Structall Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels are available in several low-maintenance finishes and are suitable for a variety of floor plans and roof styles.
  • Help you stay comfortable without sending your energy bill soaring. These clever insulated panels are designed to be energy efficient.
  • Withstand Florida’s gusty winds and strong sun. The panels handle high winds without flinching, and ultraviolet destruction is minimal because the sealant is inside the panel.
  • Allow for special features. Skylights, fans and other features can be installed without issue.

 4.  Pay special attention to the windows.
While all the materials used to construct your new addition matter, sunroom windows are especially important. After all, when building a Florida room, the windows are clearly a major feature. When selecting screens and windows, consider factors like durability, privacy and glare. There are three main types of Florida sunroom windows: Acrylic, Glass & Vinyl

5. Choose your contractor carefully.
Ending up with a shoddy sunroom is bad. Finding yourself facing a lawsuit because your sunroom builder didn’t have the proper insurance is even worse. Hiring the wrong Florida room contractor can be a costly mistake, so choose yours carefully. Not all patio contractors understand the nuances of building a Florida room.   Look for a reputable professional sunroom contractor who has the right licensing and insurance and a lengthy list of satisfied clients.

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Dulando Screen & Awning is proud to serve Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties. If you’re ready to expand your living space and add value to your home with a new sunroom addition, we’ll be happy to build the sunroom of your dreams. Contact us today to request a free in-house consultation.

If you’re not ready to start building a Florida room today, but need more information, please download our free buying guide below.

Turning a Patio into a Sunroom or Florida Room

Turning a Patio into a Sunroom or Florida Room

The beaches draw people to Florida each year to take in the coastal breezes and enjoy the abundant sunshine. Florida’s weather and friendly atmosphere are what keep people from leaving the Sunshine State, and they want to take advantage of coastal living 24 hours a day. Building a Florida room or sunroom is one way to bring the outdoors inside regardless of the heat.

Convert a Patio to a Sunroom

A sunroom, also called a Florida room, is a living space that is attached to the house and accessible from indoors. It not only brings in more sunshine but also improves the view of your surroundings. A Florida sunroom comes with many options to improve the experience, such as heating and cooling for year-round enjoyment.

Converting a patio to a Florida sunroom makes the most sense as the foundation and the outlining structure is already in place. If you already have a patio enclosure under your roofline, there is a major cost saving when building a Florida room. By using the existing patio you will not have to build an add-on which will help you save money

Two of the main materials we use for windows are clear vinyl windows and glass. They offer strength, insulation and durability and hold up well in Florida’s extreme weather.

Why is Building a Sunroom a Good Idea?

No matter how many windows you have in your home, a Florida room lets in even more sunshine, which illuminates the interior space and reduces the need for lighting during the day.  Florida Sunrooms also provide panoramic views, making you feel like you’re outside without having to deal with direct sunlight and insects. Even if you want to leave the patio sunroom windows open, our Phifer insect screening improves the airflow while keeping the bugs out.

If you convert a patio to a sunroom, you’ll reduce your maintenance chores throughout the year. The coastal breezes can stir up debris and send it flying onto your porch, and random critters can invade your patio and make a mess of things during the night. With a sunroom, you’ll never have to bring in your patio cushions when it storms or deal with staining and sealing the floor. You can just set up your living space and enjoy it without all the fuss.

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Enhance Your Home With a New Florida Sunroom

If you want to increase your living space and expand your view, let DuLANDO turn your patio into a cozy sunroom. A sunroom adds usable square footage, which translates to increased resale value. You can also design it any way you want and add a hot tub to create a more intimate, relaxing space.

Let us show you how easy it is to transform your patio into a functional room you can enjoy for years. Schedule an appointment with one of our design consultants who will help you visualize your new Florida room. Call us at 407-862-6060 or fill out our online request a quote form.