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Why We Use Structall Aluminum Roof Panels for Patio Covers

Why We Use Structall Aluminum Roof Panels for Patio Covers

At Dulando Screen & Awning, we’re firmly committed to excellence. That’s why we combine expert design services and meticulous craftsmanship with top-quality materials like Structall’s Snap-N-Lock Insulated Panels. What makes these aluminum roof panels a fantastic choice when you want to cover a patio, screened enclosure or sunroom?  Here are the top reasons why we use Structall for our aluminum roof panels.

Benefits of Aluminum Roof Panels

Aluminum patio roof panels won’t wilt when the going gets tough. This hardy material doesn’t rust or rot. Unlike wood, it’s not vulnerable to termites or other similar pests. What about the wind? When things get gusty, Structall patio covers stay strong. When building a patio screen enclosure, these roof panels can withstand high wind loads when properly installed. Snap-N-Lock panels also feature a clever design that includes a patented joint design. When the roof panels snap together, an internal sealant creates a sturdy, waterproof seal. Tucking the sealant inside protects it from damaging ultraviolet rays, reducing deterioration. The result is a long-lasting roof that you can rely on for years to come.

Easy to Maintain  
Free time is a valuable commodity in today’s busy world. Would you rather spend yours tackling a to-do list of maintenance chores or enjoying fun activities? It takes a lot of work to keep wood in good shape. Aluminum is different. Patio and screen room roof panels made from aluminum need almost no special care. Year after year, they’ll continue to look amazing without making any extra work for you.

Energy Efficient 
Florida is famous for its steamy sunshine. Although warm, luminous days are great in theory, the reality can sometimes be harsh. Mixing unrelenting sun with high humidity can make unprotected outdoor spaces brutally hot and sticky. Fortunately, Structall’s insulated aluminum roof panels excel at creating a sheltered space. The panels’ rolled aluminum exteriors surround energy-efficient foam cores to repel heat energy. A roof crafted from these panels shields the area beneath it, so your patio, screen room or sunroom stays cooler with less effort and expense.

Environmentally Friendly 
What makes an aluminum roof an environmentally friendly choice? For starters, aluminum is recyclable, so it’s an eco-friendly material. It’s also a low-maintenance one. That means you won’t need to repeatedly apply toxic chemicals to protect it from pests or to seal it against the elements. As mentioned above, there is already an internal sealant.  Once the aluminum roof panels snap and lock in place, you are protected.

When you want an outdoor living space that reflects your sense of style and melds with your existing structures, Structall’s aluminum roof panels are a perfect choice.

  • Do you have a unique floor plan?
  • Are you hoping to incorporate special features like sunroofs, ceiling fans or lighting fixtures?
  • Structall’s panels can get the job done.

These versatile Snap-N-Lock panels can be used to achieve a variety of roof pitches. They’re available in a wide range of weather-resistant finishes, or you can cover them with shingles or siding. With so many possibilities, it’s easy to achieve the look that you want.

Aluminum roof panels from Structall are an excellent choice for building a roof on many types of screen enclosures and covered patios or aluminum carports.

In addition to their many aesthetic and practical advantages, they’re also surprisingly affordable. To learn more about these aluminum roofing panels or to schedule a free in-home design consultation, contact Dulando Screen & Awning at 407-862-6060 today.

What to Expect During a Patio Enclosure Consultation

What to Expect During a Patio Enclosure Consultation

Before you and your family can start enjoying your new patio screen enclosure, you’ll need to go through a few steps. One of the first steps is a schedule a consultation meeting with your patio contractor. Knowing what to expect during a patio enclosure consultation will give you time to prepare and think about any questions you want to ask.

Why is the Consultation Important?
The patio enclosure consultation is an essential meeting that will help you and your contractor hammer out the details of your patio enclosure. During the meeting, you’ll discuss essential topics that will help the contractor build the enclosure for your home. This includes discussing the design and features that you want and taking measurements to give you a price quote. The contractor will also take note of the design of your home and landscaping so that your screen enclosure can blend in with its surroundings.

Length of the Consultation
The consultation meeting for your screen patio enclosure will probably between a half an hour up to an hour. If your project is larger or more complex than the average enclosure, it may take longer. Be sure to set enough time aside for your schedule to avoid cutting the consultation short. Give them enough time to show you different screen options and architectural options for your new screened in patio.

Describing Your Ideal Screen Porch
You don’t need to have any particular experience to help your contractor envision your idea for your patio enclosure. During the consultation, the contractor will likely ask you questions about what you want in your enclosure and how your family plans to use it. For example, if privacy is a major concern, the contractor can recommend the specific screen to give your family extra privacy. Feel free to look through our gallery of patio screen enclosures for design ideas.

What Questions Should I Ask?
The patio enclosure consultation provides an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions about your contractor and the build-out process. Basic questions about the history of your patio contractor can help you feel confident in your choice of a builder. You can start by asking about the history of the company, including how long the company has been in business and if they hold applicable licenses. This is also a good time to ask to see pictures of the contractor’s previous work on other screen patio enclosures and to discuss the contractor’s previous experience.

Discussing the Finances
The consultation process also includes time to discuss the financial questions about the project. After walking through your property, your contractor should be able to give you a rough cost estimate. Further discussion about design and material choices can alter the estimate as well, helping you make the best choice for your budget. You and the contractor can also discuss the terms of payment, including how you can pay and if there will be a payment schedule.

A consultation with your patio builder is the initial step towards an enclosure that fits both the design of your home and the lifestyle of your family. At Dulando Screen & Awning, we want to work with you to create a patio that will be an enjoyable part of your home for years. Contact us today at 407-862-6060 to learn more about the outdoor screen enclosures we offer.

Choosing a Local Screen Enclosure Contractor – Be Loyal, Buy Local

Choosing a Local Screen Enclosure Contractor – Be Loyal, Buy Local

Hiring a reputable patio or pool enclosure contractor to build your screened-in patio, Florida room or pool screen enclosure is essential to the success of your project. It’s important to hire a screen enclosure contractor that has experience and a high level of professionalism.  After all, that will ensure that you get great value for your money in the form of a high-quality product. Did you consider how important it is to hire a local screen enclosure contractor?  Hiring local impacts the local economy in more ways than just the job.

Top Reasons to Hire a Local Screen Enclosure Contractor:

Choosing Local Supports the Local Economy
Small local businesses do more than offer products or services to their communities. They offer employment opportunities as well. In fact, small businesses provide more than half of the jobs in the United States. Local companies are also more likely to network, hire, buy from and collaborate with other local companies. Frankly, hiring a local pool and patio enclosure contractor for your project is a smart investment in your community because it keeps your dollars working here at home.

Choosing Local Increases Accountability
When you have an issue with a big national chain, what does it take to get it corrected? How many phone calls to distant call centers, emails detailing your problem and complaints on social media does it take to have your issue addressed? Do you get the sense that your troubles are barely a blip on their radar? It’s different when you work with a local company. If you need to get in touch with Dulando Screen & Awning, you know where to find us. We aren’t faceless strangers more concerned with our bottom line than your satisfaction. We’re neighbors who value the trust our community places in us and work diligently to deliver quality goods, excellent services and exemplary customer service on every single job we complete.

Choosing Local Strengthens Our Community
A locally owned business is part of the fabric of the community. Local companies want to see their community succeed, so they work to make it a better place. Some companies sponsor a children’s sports team; others provide internship opportunities for students. Many choose to commit time and resources to the support of good causes that matter. For example, Dulando considers it a privilege to donate supplies and services as we work alongside other central Florida construction professionals to build new homes for Home at Last, a program that provides disabled veterans with mortgage-free homes. It’s a privilege to give back to the community that supports us.

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When you’re ready to enhance your outdoor living spaces with a screened patio, Florida room or pool screen enclosure, we hope that you’ll consider the benefits of hiring a local screen enclosure contractor. Dulando Screen & Awning is a second-generation, family-owned and -operated business serving our neighbors in and around the Orlando area since 1968.  We take pride in delivering competitively priced outdoor screen enclosures that will stand the test of time. Contact us online or give us a call at 407-862-6060 to discover more about our services and request your free in-home design consultation.

Installing Patio Pavers? Should you Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself

Installing Patio Pavers? Should you Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself

When you close your eyes, you can see the perfect patio. When considering installing patio pavers laid out in a specific design with your special touch of backyard landscaping, should you hire a professional or do it yourself?  While the final product is crystal clear, the paver installation process is a little foggy.

There are countless television shows and websites devoted to the joys of doing it yourself, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always the best strategy. If you hire a reputable contractor specializing in patio pavers, you’ll know what the project will cost before any work begins and can be confident that the final result will be professional.

However, if you decide to do it yourself, it means you’ll need to think about several things, including:

Saving on Labor Costs.
Saving on labor costs is one of the major selling points for the do-it-yourself approach. While you may not have to pay anyone, there will still be labor costs. After all, your time and effort have value. You’ll also want to consider the matter of muscle. One patio paver may not be that heavy, but handling the number needed to complete even a small patio will require a fair amount of strength. Be sure that you are physically capable of installing patio pavers. The constant up and down is extremely strenuous on your back and legs.

Implementing a Patio Design.
Envisioning the final result is only part of completing a patio design plan. Do you know how to transform your patio design idea into a reality? Can you create accurate sketches, determine types and quantities of materials, and make sure that the patio idea is both feasible and affordable? Are you confident that you can adapt your patio design if something unexpected appears when you begin the project? Remember, any mistakes during the design phase can leave you facing a price tag that is higher than you expected, so if you decide to take a do-it-yourself approach, don’t skimp on the patio design process.

Ability to Stay on Budget.
Putting a price on a do-it-yourself patio project can be unexpectedly tricky. While figuring out how many stone pavers you’ll need and what they will cost is pretty straightforward, you’ll also need to consider the cost of the sand that goes under them, leveling string, piping and wood for any framing. In addition, you’ll want to budget for delivery costs and the expense of purchasing or renting the necessary tools.

Proper Tools.
If you decide to install your own square or interlocking pavers, you’ll need to do more with tools than just rent or purchase them. Once you obtain the required tools, you’ll have to be able to use them safely and effectively. At the very least, you’ll need to be capable of using a compactor and a cutter. If you think video tutorials are sufficient, then by all means, go for it. If you find the idea intimidating, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

It can certainly be satisfying to build something with your own hands; it is also undeniably frustrating when a project doesn’t come out quite right. With more than 50 years of patio design and installation experience, Dulando Screen & Awning has built a reputation for excellent customer service, outstanding reliability and superior craftsmanship. If you’re ready to enrich your outdoor living space with patio pavers, contact us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation.



What To Know Before Hiring a Screen Enclosure Contractor

What To Know Before Hiring a Screen Enclosure Contractor

You’ve probably envisioned a pool screen enclosure for your backyard and know all about its benefits. However, did you know it’s equally important to consider all aspects of hiring a screen enclosure contractor? We’re not talking about hiring a screening contractor who builds decks or has installed fencing in a yard. We’re talking about finding the right local screen enclosure contractor who understands everything it takes to create the pool enclosure from start to finish.

Dulando Screen & Awning has been in business for over 50 years. We’ve built pool screen enclosures that were simple in nature to some very extravagant lifestyle enclosures. With both spectrums, the client got exactly what they wanted. Before hiring a screen enclosure contractor, spend some time researching the pool or patio enclosure process in order to make an informed decision.

We understand that by educating you, our customer, about outdoor screen enclosures and what it takes to make the decision, that when you meeting with quality screen enclosure contractors, you will already be one step ahead.  Isn’t it nice to be in the driver’s seat?

3 things to know before hiring a screen enclosure contractor.

1. Know Your Budget

Though you’d probably rather think about designs and styles, your budget plays an important role in the type of enclosure you choose.

Imagine getting exactly what you want AND staying within your budget.

A simple privacy screen on a backyard patio not only keeps out UV rays and pests but does so at an affordable price. However, a large pool set farther away from your home may require a specially designed standalone enclosure that costs a bit more. Many different factors determine the final cost of your screen enclosure, such as the overall pool and patio size.

Read more about Factors in Determining Cost of Pool Screen Enclosure

2. Choose an Enclosure Design

Once you have your budget worked out, you’ll have to answer a few questions. Would you like a standalone pool enclosure or one that extends from your house? Are there trees or other obstacles that interfere with the surrounding space?

Essentially, you need to:

  • Evaluate your space – size & location of the pool
  • Choose your materials – upgrade decking or style of enclosure and type of screen
  • Remove any obstacles to the new enclosure – trees or other landscaping

You can get a custom-designed screen patio enclosure that looks like an extension of your house or one that simply screens in a small space. Talking to a professional contractor can help you choose the right design and answer any questions you may have.

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3. Selecting a Professional Contractor

With your budget determined and a design in mind, you’ll want to hire an experienced screen enclosure contractor for the job. Some contractors may build quality decks while others probably construct excellent patios. However, do these contractors specialize in installing patio and pool enclosures? That’s a question you’ll need to ask.

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So, why choose Dulando? For one, we’ve specialized in planning, designing and installing pool and patio screen enclosures since 1968. We also use high-quality parts that require little to no maintenance. We tackle residential and commercial jobs of any size and handle the entire process from top to bottom.

Be careful of pool enclosure companies that promote the lowest price.

With full-coverage insurance and a passion to see your dream come to fruition, Dulando Screen & Awning provides peace of mind when constructing your new pool screen enclosure with the detail, quality and attention it deserves. Call us today at 407-862-6060 for a free no-obligation in-home design consultation.