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In-Home Steps To Prepare for Hurricane Season

Prepare for Hurricane SeasonThe longer, easy going days of summer are just around the corner. And while it’s easy to feel carefree during these months, it is also the beginning of hurricane season. In order to be well-prepared for high winds and major rainstorms, we’ve created this post as a useful reminder and offer guidelines to prepare for hurricane season which will help protect your family and home.

In Florida, hurricane preparedness and safety are important homeowner concerns and should not be placed on the back burner until heavy storms roll in. Each year as many as 25 – 30 named storms are predicted, so it is important to be prepared in case of a natural disaster.


Preparing Your Patio For Hurricane Season

Preparing Your Patio For Hurricane Season

Homeowners in Florida know this time of year can be one of the busiest for tropical storm and hurricane activity. Since these volatile storms pose a major threat to your property and family, it’s important to prepare your home before hurricane season. The patio and screened enclosures are often overlooked during storm preparations; however, they can be easily secured and protected from the damaging effects of a hurricane.

As part of your outdoor living area, patios and screen pool enclosures are most susceptible to gusting winds and drenching rains. Large outdoor items such as patio furniture, umbrellas, trash cans, plant pots and wall décor need to be properly stored or secured.  All too often, we’ve seen lightweight outdoor furniture, like PVC chairs and tables, become flying projectiles during a hurricane through home windows or screen pool enclosures.  So when news of an approaching tropical storm or hurricane is coming your way, start with securing or storing large outdoor items such as as the following:

  • Heavy items and furniture, such as a patio table, may be turned on their sides or upside down to help prevent it from being caught by the wind and tossed about the patio.
  • Potted plants – even small pots can become dangerous projectiles in hurricane strength winds; therefore, they should be removed
  • Patio umbrellas – close them and remove them from stands and/or patio tables. A gust of wind can send an open umbrella flying through your screen enclosure
  • Decorative items – store them safely inside your home or garage to ensure protection from water damage
  • Overhanging trees – cut back limbs, remove decaying  branches, trim off weak limbs and loose leaves. Pay extra attention to any trees or shrubs that are close to your home and especially your patio area and screen enclosure or pool.
  • Enclosed swimming pool – Pool builders recommend leaving water in your pool during a hurricane or strong storm, but adding more chlorine to reduce storm water contamination. Your pool may overflow, but will be less likely to be damaged by the storm and/or debris that may fall into it. Most importantly, cover outdoor electrical devices with appropriate waterproof material to reduce the risk of damage.

By being prepared and taking the necessary preventative measures during hurricane season, you are ensuring the safety and security of your home, family and pets.

Follow the steps we’ve outlined above and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve taken care to keep you, your family and home safe this hurricane season.

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